Product News: Omega Fluor and Omega Fluor Plus Tick All the Boxes

28 Oct 2015

There is a bewildering array of entry level gel documentation systems available these days. Most do exactly what they say on the box in that they can capture images of your gels and blots. So in many cases the customer will just opt for something within their budget and have a high expectation that it will do the job. The Omega Fluor and Omega Fluor Plus from Gel Company/Aplegen will do just that and there is no need to look any further.

However, the Omega Fluor and Omega Fluor Plus are more than just run-of-the-mill gel documentation systems. These systems give you everything you need for exception DNA and protein imaging, plus they are also packed with features that you only expect to see on much higher specification and hence higher price range products.

Take the built in tablet which controls the system using its unique hands free SmartCapture Technology. With the Omega Fluor Plus there are no camera adjustments or lens focus adjustments required. Everything in this system is geared for no nonsense use. Switching between applications is a breeze using the tablet so that the multiple light sources and multi-position filter wheel are at the control of your fingertips. If you want to use an external computer then the Omega Fluor is an even lower cost option.

The camera in both systems boasts an impressive 5 million pixel resolution which puts the Omega Fluor range on a par with systems from a much higher price bracket for image quality. In addition the high sensitivity levels enable even the faintest of bands to be captured.

For their compact size the Omega Fluor range packs a big punch. They will accommodate large format protein and nucleotide gels and have a large imaging area of 24cm x 20cm. They sit comfortably on any bench top within a very compact footprint.  There are no other systems on the market which come close to the price, performance package of the Omega Fluor range.

Says Gel Company/Aplegen “we know when it comes to this end of the market you have a wide choice. But why compromise? With the Omega Fluor and Omega Fluor Plus you get a system within your budget but with a specification well above what you would expect”.