Product News: New Speedwave Entry Microwave Digestion System— Less is more

Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH

05 Aug 2015

Highly functional applications and user-friendly operation with high cost efficiency: these are the fundamentals of a good digestion oven. The new Speedwave Entry microwave digestion system from Berghof was specifically designed to meet these needs, making it perfectly suited not only to routine tasks, but also to study and training.

The device consists of a compact stainless steel oven with anti-corrosion coating in a compact design. With QuickStart, programs are loaded from the large pool of pre-installed applications and run directly; for more individual control you can also create your own programs. While the selected program is running, all reaction parameters are displayed and saved in real time and, in addition, processes can be easily tracked in the microwave via the illuminated oven chamber.

The patented speedwave® DIRC optical temperature measurement system detects the sample temperature directly — in addition to eliminating reference vessels, users also benefit from a particularly safe reaction. Sample throughput is further increased by the separate extraction unit which allows 20% faster cooling of the digestion vessels.

Made from TFMTM-PTFE, the digestion vessels provide a high level of convenience as they consist of three parts and can be opened and closed manually — additional tools or physical effort are not necessary. Berghof digestion vessels aren't consumable items meaning they are covered under the device's warranty, which can lead to annual cost savings of thousands of euros.