Product News: New SkanIt Software Provides Complete Control of the Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC Microplate Photometer

10 Sep 2010

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. launches version 3.1 of the Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software for the Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC microplate photometer. This new version of the SkanIt® Software provides users with a selection between eight languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Version 3.1 of the SkanIt Software incorporates the parallel line analysis function in compliance with European Union regulatory guidelines (European Pharmacopoeia) for testing the efficacy of pharmaceutical compounds. As a statistical calculation method, parallel line analysis is used to analyze the parallelism of standard curves of two different compounds and to calculate their relative potency. This calculation is used to analyze the efficacy of different compounds in biological or biochemical systems.

With ready-made sessions downloadable from the Company article page link top right of this page, the user-friendly interface of the SkanIt Software facilitates simple assay set-up for both instrument control and data handling. The software incorporates a variety of inbuilt calculations, including blank subtraction, curve fits and basic statistics (Avg, CV%, SD). Measurement results can be comprehensively analyzed within the software or easily exported to Microsoft Excel.