Product News: New Resprep VM-96 Vacuum Manifold from Restek

18 Nov 2016

Restek is pleased to announce the launch of the new Resprep VM-96 vacuum manifold. Designed for performance, versatility, ergonomics, and accuracy, this new product is suitable for everyday solid phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), protein precipitation (PPT), and filtration applications.

The unit is compatible with  96-well plates from any manufacturer and has many features that make it superior to other models. The Resprep VM-96 has a heavy-duty, stainless steel and aluminum body so it stays in place better than lighter models and is precision manufactured so parts assemble quickly and easily. The built-in viewing window allows for easy observation of plate height and drip rate, and the durable O-ring and gaskets provide leak-free seals time after time. It also includes a precision height adaptor and five shims so users can customize plate height to their exact requirements.