Product News: New label Confirms Successful Sterilization

05 Sep 2018

Brady Corporation's new Sterilization indicating labels provide users with proof of sterilization. They are ideal for a broad range of laboratory processes including sample tracking, inventory management, general tracking, and glassware or tray identification.

A clear, visual indication

 The new B-7425-AC label is a steam sterilization indicating label, and is developed for use in autoclaves. The label changes color from white to brown/cocoa when exposed to autoclave conditions at 121°C for 10 minutes, and also displays the word 'sterilized'. Laboratory specialists will get a clear, visual indication to quickly see which sample containers are sterile. 

Reliable and easy to apply 

The self-adhesive Sterilization indicating label is designed to easily adhere to vials, tubes, flasks and other sample containers that may require sterilization in a laboratory. The label will stay attached on most surfaces, including glass, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and other. Made out of polypropylene, it remains attached and stays legible when exposed to common laboratory chemicals and temperature ranges between -196°C to 121°C. 

Printable on-site 

B-7425-AC Sterilization indicating labels can be printed in any laboratory with professional label printers from Brady whenever they are needed. Compatible printers include the BBP12 and BBP33 label printers with the R4300 ink ribbon installed. With Brady Workstation apps, specialists can easily add a barcode or other message on the labels for improved tracking.

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