Product News: New Dual Wavelength Handheld Raman Analyzer

13 Mar 2012

Rigaku Raman Technologies has announced the release of their first dual wavelength handheld Raman analyzer at Pittcon 2012.

Built on the stabilized platform of the Xantus-1, the Xantus-2 combines the technology of their 785nm and their 1064nm Raman spectrometers giving two instruments in one.

The Xantus-2 was designed specifically to over-come the intrinsic fluorescence issues found in many materials. The two wavelengths offer an even more extensive array of materials analysis.

Fast and accurate chemical identification ideal for:

• Narcotics & illicit street drugs
• Explosives & chemical warfare
• In-line pharmaceutical processing
• Authentication & anti-counterfeiting
• Hazardous materials & chemical spills
• Incoming raw material ID.