Product News: New Autoclave Could Cut Energy Costs by up to 90%

Priorclave’s 450-liter autoclave provides significant financial and energy savings

21 May 2018

By replacing a 350 litre power-door autoclave with a Priorclave 450 litre autoclave, York University’s Biology Department has significantly slashed the energy costs associated with running its sterilisation processes, with a massive 90% reduction in water usage. 

The power-door autoclave, although only a 350 litre machine, had a much larger footprint than the new autoclave and required a separately housed 45kW generator that ran continuously to provide the required level of steam for sterilisation.  By replacing this with the Priorclave SH450 autoclave, there is now more free space within the laboratory, as well as a free room which housed the generator.

Side-by-side analysis of running costs between the new ‘self-contained’ autoclave and the original model show an overall saving of 56%. The major contribution to this saving is associated with cost of water supply and disposal, amounting to a reduction of 88% and 89% respectively.  Since the University is in a hard-water area, autoclave manufacturer Priorclave recommended the fitting of a water softener, which resulted in a big reduction of salt requirements – a 92% cut compared to the previous operation. The outcome was a financial saving in excess of £6,000 p.a.

Product description

The extra-large chamber capacity of Priorclave’s RSC 450-liter autoclave is a must for any laboratory undertaking high-volume throughput sterilizing procedures or which is frequently tasked with handling tall and bulky items.  Despite its large rectangular chamber and high loading capacity, the autoclave requires only a relatively small floor area.

Priorclave is able to supply these extra-high capacity autoclaves with different heating systems – electrical, direct steam, or they can be fitted with an inbuilt steam generator - to suit a diverse range of applications within food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, education, healthcare and research laboratories.


  • Large rectangular sterilising chamber – 450 liter
  • High loading capacity
  • Front loading, access to the chamber gained via a three-wheel door closure system
  • Wide opening facilitates easy loading of bulky and heavy items, via a trolley if required
  • Unusually small footprint for size of chamber
  • Advanced microprocessor for easy programme sterilisation cycle
  • Panels and frame members treated with an anti-bacterial agent that is effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA
  • An assured build quality that complies with international standards


Download this application note to find out more about Priorclave's higher capacity front loading autoclaves