Product News: LGC’s New Express Genotyping Service Helps Meet Rapid Turnaround Times

26 Jun 2015

LGC have announced an express genotyping service which meets accelerated turnaround times for all genotyping projects. Market leading LGC has developed the express service in response to changing customer needs, enabling all breeders to generate accurate, top-quality data more rapidly.

Joris Parmentier, Global Product Manager, Genomics, LGC, said, “LGC’s vision is ‘science for a safer world’. We are conscious of the challenges our customers face to produce data faster, so the new express service cuts our regular turnaround time in half for genotyping projects. We are now also offering a two-week turnaround time for customers with the need to generate data in days rather than weeks. We are delighted to be able to continue to develop our services to ensure our customers can do more, faster”.

Regular genotyping projects (maximum 2000 samples or 500,000 datapoints) can now be completed in four weeks, with a faster turnaround time of two weeks on request.

In addition, the turnaround time for DNA extraction projects and recently-launched all-inclusive service projects is now six weeks, with bespoke turnaround times available on request.

Since 2002, LGC has delivered well over a billion bespoke genotyping data points, using KASP™ and SNPLine™ technology, enabling plant breeders to identify and select drought- and disease-tolerant crop varieties, tailored to their individual environments.  Furthermore, as a result of designing more than 17,000 KASP assays for researchers and plant breeders, spanning 21 countries, LGC has generated and validated 12 KASP marker panels.