Product News: InVitria Expands Animal-Free Cell Culture Tools Portfolio with OptiVERO

05 Apr 2018

InVitria, a division of Ventria Bioscience has launched OptiVERO, a chemically defined, blood- and plant hydrolysate-free cell culture media for vaccine manufacturing that outperforms popular VERO media by enabling robust VERO cell expansion and production of difficult-to-express virus types.

 “Unlike other VERO media currently available, OptiVERO does not contain undefined di- and tri-peptide plant-derived hydrolysates. OptiVERO provides scientists with the unrivaled ability to minimize cell culture variability, thereby accelerating vaccine research and speeding manufacturing time for crucial vaccines,” said Randall Alfano, vice president of product development at InVitria. 

Serum and di/tri-peptide plant-derived hydrolysates can cause variability in cell expansion, hindering viral replication and ultimately, reducing the productivity of the cell culture system. Therefore, media with undefined components can increase the time and resources required to manufacture a vaccine. OptiVERO replaces unrefined components with highly pure and biologically active recombinant human transferrin and albumin to formulate a chemically defined media optimized specifically for VERO-based virus production in both 2D and 3D cell cultures. This product builds on InVitria’s portfolio of blood-free components to improve performance, consistency, quality, and safety of cell culture media for the development of novel cell-based therapeutics. 

“This technology sets the new standard for vaccine development — by removing all undefined components, InVitria is making it possible to culture previously difficult-to-express virus types and commercially produce new, life-saving vaccines that weren’t scalable before with serum-based or plant hydrolysate-containing media,” Alfano added. 

At the World Vaccine Congress, InVitria will present growth performance and viral production data demonstrating the high performance of OptiVERO compared to serum-based media and chemically-defined industry standards.

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