Product News: Dolomite Bio Introduces the Nadia Product Family for Single-Cell Research

Dolomite Bio has announced the launch of the game-changing Nadia single-cell platform

10 Nov 2017

A groundbreaking system set to escalate scRNA-Seq to new heights, the new Nadia single-cell platform from Dolomite Bio aims to offer the fast-growing single-cell research sector an innovative solution for a wide range of potential applications.

The Nadia instrument is a touchscreen-controlled, droplet-based microfluidic platform for single cell research, combining superior microfluidics, automated temperature control and gentle cell/bead agitation to offer a single compact instrument that delivers highly precise and reliable results. One, two, four or eight samples can be run in parallel, generating up to 6,000 high quality, single cell libraries per sample in approximately 15 minutes. Configuration with the Nadia Innovate protocol development platform transforms the system into a scalable, open system for the creation of new procedures and applications. Users can alter parameters – such as droplet size and frequency, temperature, agitation and timings – and optimize protocols with the aid of real-time visualization, enabling straightforward development of new single cell protocols and applications.

Mike Hawes, CEO of Dolomite Bio, commented: “We are excited to be launching the Nadia product family at conferences across three continents. This novel system represents a huge leap forward for single cell research, and we look forward to showcasing its capabilities.”

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