Product News: Corning Introduces the new HYPERFlask™ Cell Culture Vessel

27 Mar 2007

Corning Life Sciences, a global supplier of scientific laboratory and drug discovery products for more than 90 years, today announced details of their planned activities at the SBS 2007 congress.

Visit Corning’s booth 419 to see the latest new products:
  • Corning® Epic® System: Award-winning label-free detection technology for high-throughput biochemical and cell-based assays
  • Corning Labware with Ultra-Web® Synthetic nanofiber surface an innovative surface designed to improve the performance and functionality of diverse cell types
  • Corning HYPERFlask™ Cell Culture Vessel offering 1,720 cm2 growth area in the footprint of a traditional 175 cm2 flask.
    • This high yield, high performance flask utilizes a multilayered gas permeable growing surface for efficient gas exchange.
    • Innovative Design – 10 interconnected polystyrene growth surfaces
    • Optimal Growth – Corning CellBIND® Surface treated gas permeable polystyrene for superior cell attachment and growth
    • Increase Cell Yield – 10-fold higher cell yields increases productivity and capacity and reduces processing time and incubator space
    • Save Time and Space – Reduce processing time and incubator storage space by handling one flask as compared to 10 traditional 175 cm2 flasks
    • Automation Compatible – Bar coded and compatible with The Automation Partnership SelecT™ cell culture systems with an upgrade 
    • New Corning HYPERFlask Cell Culture Vessel has the same external dimensions as a standard T 175 cm2 flask with 10 times the cell yield.

Attend our Pre-conference Workshop:
Novel End-to-End Solutions for Screening with Cell Based Assays
Presenters: Alison Rush, Ph.D., Merck Research Labs,Michael Briggs, Todd Upton
Date/Time: Sunday, April 15, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Room 510b

Attend our Tutorial:
Corning® Epic® System: Physiologically Relevant Label-Free Assays
Presenter: Anthony G. Frutos, Ph.D.
Date/Time: Monday, April 16, 9:00 - 9:45 am
Location: 513E

Come See the Corning Poster Presentations:

  • Analysis of Viral Protein/Small Molecule Interactions Using the Corning® Epic® System
  • Application of the Corning® Epic® System for Label-Free Cell-based Screening using the LOPAC™ Library
  • Application of the Corning® Epic® System for a Label-Free LOPAC Screen
  • Considerations When Using Frozen Cells for High Throughput Cell-based Screens
  • Evaluation of Corning’s Epic® System for Detection and Validation of Small-molecule/Protein Interaction
  • Large Scale Growth of Cells for Cell Based Assays Using the Corning HYPERFlask Vessel
  • Microplate and instrument considerations to improve HTRF® assay performance
  • Physiologically Relevant Cell-based Assays with the Corning® Epic® System

Come and talk to us about our new innovative products and find out what Corning is doing to celebrate 100 years of Cell Culture.

Corning Life Sciences helps customers succeed by providing innovative, high-quality products and service in the areas of polymer science, biochemistry and molecular biology, glass melting and forming, surface modification and characterization science. The business’ dedication to quality, technology, and innovation has enabled it to produce a comprehensive line of plastic laboratory disposables and reusable glassware that exceeds American Standard Testing Method (ASTM) standards for life science research.

For additional information on Corning Life Sciences products or surface technologies, please visit the article webpage.