Product News: RNA-Seq Webinar Describes Novel Insights into the Control of Gene Expression

02 Jul 2014

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), The Molecular Genetics Company, has made the latest in its series of educational webinars available to watch online. In the webinar entitled “Developing new insights into gene expression using RNA-Seq”, Dr Christopher Jones, Research Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), UK, presents novel findings from a recent RNA-Seq project performed by OGT.

RNA-Seq is proving to be a valuable tool for enabling researchers to gain greater insight into changes in gene expression during disease initiation, progression, treatment and the development of drug resistance. In his presentation, Dr Jones discusses his use of Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism for investigating the control of gene expression via mRNA degradation and explores a range of interesting findings from the work that OGT carried out via its Genefficiency™ RNA-Seq Service. These have given new insights into the number of upregulated and downregulated genes in different null mutants and the degree to which expression of these genes changes. This was made easier by OGT’s interactive reporting, which enables simple and rapid understanding of RNA-Seq data without the need for in-house bioinformatics support.
View the webinar “Developing new insights into gene expression using RNA-Seq”.