Industry News: ELRIG - Drug Discovery 2014 - Keynote Speaker Announced

14 May 2014

ELRIG has announced Susan Galbraith, Vice President of Oncology and Head of the Oncology Innovative Medicine unit at AstraZeneca, will be one of the keynote speakers for its Science Tracks at Drug Discovery 2014 in Manchester, UK, September 2-3, 2014. 

Small molecule discovery and development

The goals of the Oncology Innovative Medicine unit are the discovery and development of small molecule drugs and provision of clinical proof of concept to support the drugs move into pivotal Phase III trials. The unit has a strong presence with approved and late stage clinical programmes in breast, lung and ovarian cancer plus activities in other cancer types. Other research includes, DNA damage, inhibitors of the Ras-Raf MAPK and PI3 Kinase pathways, and research into hormonal treatments of cancers, for example, resistant ER-positive breast cancers. The unit is involved in exciting programmes with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signalling inhibitors as a target for treatment of EGFR mutated lung cancers. The unit recently announced three new collaborations with organisations in Cambridge, UK, including working with the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and the University of Cambridge Department of Oncology to evaluate a new technology to better understand the genetic makeup of a patient’s cancer and therefore the right therapy to tackle it.

Seven exciting Science Tracks and Interactive Workshops 
There will be seven exciting Science Tracks at ELRIG Drug Discovery bringing you the latest insights and developments in:
• Innovations in Screening & Assay Development
• Phenotypic Discovery & Cellular Imaging
• Oncology Drug Discovery
• Target Validation
• Chemistry Innovation in Lead Discovery
• Engineered Proteins for Therapy
• Neuroscience Drug Targets
Also, Interactive Workshops in the Core Technology Forum – on:
• Complex, High Content and Biologics data
• Innovative Automation, what can we automate next ?
• Safety and Metabolism Assays
• Is a fully integrated sample management capability the future?

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