Industry News: The Adventures of Ana L'Tech

29 Oct 2008

Just two weeks after its release, and the Adventures of Ana L'Tech has been viewed more than 10,000 times in more than 115 countries and featured on dozens of web sites. Scientist around the world are raving about the new film from Analtech that features one of the most useful instruments in separation science, the Cyclograph.

Here's what they're saying:

“Several lab supply companies have embraced viral ads lately, Analtech has done a great job keeping that trend alive.”
Wired Science Blog

“These [Bio-Rad PCR Song and epMotion] videos are hilarious, they're very memorable, and they see pretty wide circulation. Honestly, some of us pass these on to our friends because they're just too good to miss. We are THAT NERDY.
Now, Analtech has taken notice, and has come out with another awesome sciencey distraction for us! Watch and be amused. (Especially recommended for Monty Python fans.)”
Carbon Based Curiosities

"I really like the developing trend of scientific instrument companies marketing their products with hilarious videos. You don't have to be a biochemist to enjoy the PCR Song, and you never have to approach a pipette to fall in love with Eppendorf's boy band.
But it'll be hard to top The Adventures of Ana L'Tech."
Jacob from A Man, A Plan, A Trash Can

“It is … quite pleasing to see a thin layer chromatography firm depart from the stereotype and show a sense of humour in this clip that is in fact an extension of a famous Monty Python skit. The cinematography and acting are very good for this sort of thing so it must have been a labour of love for the owners of the company.”
Professor Honeydew