Industry News: BMG LABTECH celebrates 30 years in business and highlights the people behind the microplate readers

14 Jan 2020

BMG LABTECH will mark its 30th anniversary in January 2020 by launching an anniversary campaign that highlights the people behind the company’s products. Starting off as a small, one-man engineering office, BMG LABTECH is now a manufacturer of microplate readers for the scientific community, with offices in Australia, France, Japan, UK and the USA. 

Time to show the people behind the brand

“Our ads normally show our great products, but for this special anniversary campaign we decided to focus on our very employees to be our brand advocates. These are all people who are passionate about their work, spanning from R&D to production and support. It’s these fantastic people behind our microplate readers that make BMG LABTECH who we are today”, says Tobias Pusterla, International Marketing Manager of the company who developed the campaign with his team. The campaign will run through the whole year and includes exclusive company insights, featured employee profiles, memorable moments, an anniversary competition and much more.

30 years of bundled expertise are the key to success

In the 30 years since its establishment, BMG LABTECH has rapidly evolved to a specialist for microplate readers and a technology leader in its field. The company’s employees have become experts based on years and years of specialization, trained know-how and experience. Thirty percent of the team has been with the company for more than 15 years! This bundled expertise resonates in the high quality of the company’s microplate readers and the superior customer support. “The whole team helped the company to reach this special milestone. I highly appreciate all the effort, know-how, personality and talent of any single colleague. They all made and make BMG LABTECH an innovative, open-minded, stable and dependable company”, says Thomas Räbiger, CEO of BMG LABTECH.

Close relationship to customers adds significant contribution

Another important factor for BMG LABTECH’s success is the close relationship to its customers. “We are in very close contact with the users of our instruments and have lots of collaborations with key clients. This close contact is inspiration and duty at the same time and makes a significant contribution to our success. We will follow our mission and carry on in developing unique solutions that help scientists to realise their full potential. I would like to thank all clients for their trust, feedback and cooperation through all the years”, says Thomas Räbiger. 

Worldwide network ensures premium service 

BMG LABTECH has expanded its sales and support network and is now represented through subsidiaries and distributors in more than 100 countries. “We constantly train our partners to offer the very best product and applicative support to our users. I would like to thank all BMG LABTECH distributors for their commitment to bringing our instruments to the laboratories all over the world, supporting our users and sharing our mission”, ads Räbiger. BMG LABTECH has stood the test of time and will continue to be there for its customers for the years to come.

About BMG LABTECH – The Microplate Reader Company

BMG LABTECH is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate reader instrumentation. BMG LABTECH has been committed to producing microplate readers for more than thirty years. By focusing on the needs of the scientific community, the company’s microplate readers have earned the company the reputation of being a technology leader in the field. The company’s dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers are used in many different research areas and offer solutions for almost any application and budget. All BMG LABTECH microplate readers are conceived, developed, assembled, and tested entirely at BMG LABTECH headquarters in Germany. Since the establishment, BMG LABTECH has expanded to offer a worldwide sales and support network with offices in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan and France. 

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