Industry News: AMSBIO Offers Augmented Range of Noble Metal Coating Services

Customized solutions Offered for various surface science applications, particularly nanotechnology, for industrial and academic researchers

11 Feb 2019

Gold, silver and platinum surfaces offer a clean, near atomically-flat surface that is ideal for applications in nanotechnology, such as studies on self-assembly, single-molecule imaging, nano- or micro-contact printing, DNA origami, or nanophotonics.

Deposited under high vacuum (10-8 Torr) with 99.999% purity noble metal presents researchers with an atomically flat coated substrate that is free from oxygen, organics and other contaminants and consequently does not require cleaning prior to use.

Building on its expertise in surface science, AMSBIO's expanding range of noble metal coating services provides customized solutions in surface science for industrial and academic researchers.  These services now include physical vapor deposition using noble metals including gold, silver and platinum, surface patterning and functionalization and surface characterization.