Industry News: 9th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society

02 Oct 2017

The 9th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society will be held at the Gaborone International Conference Center in Gaborone, Botswana, December 11-14, 2017. It will allow the scientific and research communities to build knowledge, foster relationships and promote action for further understanding and collaborations in the broad fields associated with materials science and technology. The overall conference theme will be “ADDRESSING AFRICA’S CHALLENGES THROUGH MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT”. Eight symposium themes that constitute the conference reflect both the needs of the global research community, as well as the needs that are specific to Africa with an anticipated attendance of 500 people from around the world.

Symposium Themes

  • Materials for Health
  • Materials for Water
  • Materials for Agriculture/Environment
  • Materials for Energy
  • Materials for Mining/Construction
  • Nanoscience/Nanotechnology
  • Materials Education/Networking
  • Computational Materials Science

Keynote Speakers

  • Anne Andrews, USA
  • Araya Asfaw, Ethiopia
  • Solomon Assefa, South Africa
  • Neil Coville, South Africa
  • Abdelaziz El Jazouli, Morocco
  • Francis Gudyanga, Zimbabwe
  • Sean Hearne, USA
  • Benjamin Hsiao, USA
  • Francesca Lacopi, Australia
  • Jose Lagaron, Spain
  • Malik Maaza, South Africa
  • Tobin Jay Marks, USA
  • Sabelo Mhlanga, South Africa
  • Roberto Morandotti, Canada
  • Ange Nzihou, France
  • Kenneth Ozoemena, South Africa
  • Neerish Revaprasadu, South Africa
  • Geraldine Richmond, USA
  • Federico Rosei, Canada
  • Thomas Schulthess, Switzerland
  • Nava Setter, Switzerland
  • Winston Wole Soboyejo, USA
  • Nicholas Spencer, Switzerland
  • Guebre Tessema, USA
  • Paul Weiss, USA
  • Ying-Wei Yang, China
  • Meifang Zhu, China


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