Expert Insight: World AIDS Day

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01 Dec 2016

This World AIDS Day, register for the on-demand webinar entitled ‘Advanced Molecular and Cellular Technologies for Better Monitoring of HIV+ Patients’ given by Professor Andrea Cossarizza, MD PhD, from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia School of Medicine, Italy.

World AIDS Day is held on the 1st of December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to come together in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In this webinar, Professor Cossarizza gives an update on the latest HIV research and treatment. He will discuss the clinical application of advanced single cell analysis approaches, such as cell sorting and droplet digital PCR (ddPCR), which have the potential to transform the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV positive patients.

The webinar will cover;

  • The latest advances in HIV research and treatment of HIV+ patients
  • How to employ cell sorting in an environment designed to safely manipulate samples from patients with HIV infection
  • A strategy to analyze the presence of HIV in isolated CD4+ T-cell populations
  • A method to measure the “age” of T-cell subsets by quantification of both T-cell receptor rearrangement excision circles (TREC) and telomere length

The webinar is valuable viewing for anyone with an interest in virology, clinical diagnostics and single cell analysis technologies.

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