Editorial Article: Exclusive Neuroscience 2016 Update - #MyNeuroVote Begins Sunday 13th November

11 Nov 2016

Vote for your favorite research product at SelectScience® booth #620 and receive a special free gift. Not attending? Follow our social media channels for regular Neuroscience 2016 updates, and to see which product is winning. 

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SelectScience® is attending the Society for Neuroscience's 46th annual meeting, in San Diego, USA, November 12-16, to bring you all latest scientific developments, expert opinion and innovations in research tools and technologies.

#MyNeuroVote is back for Neuroscience 2016. Attendees of the show can visit SelectScience’s booth #620 to vote for their favorite nominated neuroscience research product.

Nominated products:


Each voter will receive a special free gift. So, if you are attending the show, come by booth #620 and join in the fun. Your vote counts!

The results will be presented on a screen at the booth, so everyone can see how each product is performing as the poll progresses. We will also keep you updated on our dedicated event page and on our social media channels.

Do you use any of these products? Share your expertise, leave a review today.

Visit the Neuroscience 2016 event page.