ACEA Biosciences’ Line of Real-Time Cell Analyzers Awarded “Premier Cell Analysis Instrument 2016”

2 Nov 2016
Lois Manton-O'Byrne
Executive Editor

For their ability to quantitatively monitor – in a label-free manner – cell number, morphology, and adhesion strength for a broad array of applications, ACEA’s xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzers produced have been awarded top honors from Corporate Vision Magazine.

Book-ended by molecular analyses and live animal studies, cell-based assays are an indispensable tool for both basic and applied biological research. However, a long-standing challenge with most cell-based assays is that they only evaluate a single time point for just one molecular target. In contrast, the xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzers enable cell health and behavior to be monitored continuously in a non-invasive manner. This technology maximizes the physiological relevance of data obtained in a wide variety of assays that include everything from immune cell-mediated killing of cancer cells to cancer cell invasion/migration, and cardiotoxicity to nuclear hormone receptor signaling.

As part of its award announcement, CV Magazine interviewed Dr. Xiaobo Wang, ACEA’s Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Wang explained that from its inception a major goal of ACEA has been to “transform cell-based assays by improving the accuracy, reliability, and scope of cell measurements,” so that dynamic responses to small molecules, biomolecules, or other cells in culture can be evaluated.

With nearly 1,800 xCELLigence instruments in use globally, leading to >1,250 publications in dozens of research fields, this technology has begun to represent the new standard for cell-based assays.