Application Note: Screening Developability and Pre-Formulation of Biotherapeutics with High-Throughput Dynamic Light Scattering (HT–DLS)
12 July 2017

Assessing a drug candidate’s suitability early in the discovery and development stages is essential to minimizing the risk of costly downstream failure. One of the primary technologies for assessing aggregation, stability and viscosity of biotherapeutics, from proteins and peptides to attenuated viruses, is dynamic light scattering (DLS). Automated, high-throughput dynamic light scattering (HT–DLS) utilizing Wyatt Technology’s DynaPro Plate Reader II (PRII) helps to streamline the candidate selection and pre-formulation processes while providing data on more samples and more formulations—typically at least an order of magnitude more than cuvette-based DLS. This white paper introduces the technology that powers automated HT–DLS and explores its practical applications in candidate and formulation selection.