Application Note: Immunophenotypic Analysis of Human Blood Leukocyte Subsets Using a 13-Color Antibody Panel Using the NovoCyte Sytem
15 January 2016

This application note demonstrates the immunophenotypic analysis of a human blood sample utilizing 13 fluorescent markers on the NovoCyte 3000, a compact benchtop flow cytometer equipped with 3 lasers. Identification and analysis of specific sub-populations of cells is one of the many essential uses of flow cytometry, especially in terms of its ability to multiplex and identify several markers in one sample.  As such, immunophenotyping of blood samples is one of the more popular uses of multi-color flow cytometry. The data clearly demonstrate that using the NovoCyte benchtop flow cytometer allows for performance of high-quality, complex flow cytometry with a 13-color antibody panel.