Application Note: How to Buy Pre-Clinical and Clinical Automation Technology
7 December 2018

Choose the best automated solutions for your clinical laboratory 

How to buy pre-clinical and clinical automation technology

In this second edition eBook, we present the latest types of clinical laboratory automation platforms, as well as important pre-purchase considerations and top tips from industry leading experts. Together, these will help guide your choice to best suit the needs of your workflow.

Download the SelectScience Pre-Clinical and Clinical Automation Guide to find out more about:

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Open vs. Closed Systems
  • Batch vs. Continuous Flow 
  • Discrete vs. Continuous Processing
  • Single and Multi-Function Workstations
  • Total Laboratory Automation
  • Diagnostic Applications - from Hematology to Molecular Diagnostics
  • Planning for Automation - Key Considerations
  • Top Tips from Industry Experts