Application Note: Harvesting of Adherent Cells from Corning RoboFlask Vessels with Tecan® Freedom EVO®
6 October 2008

This application note serves as a guide to adapt and establish harvesting protocols for various adherent cell lines growing in Corning® RoboFlask robotic-friendly cell culture flasks using Tecans’ Freedom EVO® robotic liquid handling platform equipped with a flask handling device (flask flipper).

The application note describes and discusses the relevant parameters such as protease incubation time, its incubation temperature and number of flask knocks. Examples of established protocols for three cell lines with different characteristics are provided. These were chosen either for their low aggregate rate (mouse fibroblast), their strong culture flask attachment (human osteogenic sarcoma; SAOS-2) or their high aggregate rate (human breast adenocarcinoma; MCF-7).

Finally, a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) is provided, which outlines the consecutive adaptation steps to be taken and points out areas of attention.