Application Note: Determination of Halogens by Combustion Ion Chromatography
13 March 2009

RoHS legislation calls for suitable technology
RoHS legislation around the world calls for suitable technology for the rapid monitoring of organohalogen compounds in matrices such as coal crude oil, naphtha, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. ICP-MS and ISE are up to the job and so is IC. However, the samples are often difficult to bring into solution and thus require complex and time-consuming sample preparation procedures. Metrohm’s Combustion IC system is the answer.

Halogen determination with minimum effort
After an upstream thermal oxidative digestion, which takes place in the combustion system, the liberated gases are trapped in an oxidizing aqueous absorbent. This is then directly injected into the sample loop of a Metrohm 881 Compact IC pro. The MagIC Net software reliably controls the analysis and automatically calculates the sulfur and mass fraction for each sample.