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Vanessa Bonnard

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    SPECTROstar® Omega
    "The absorbance plate reader is easy to use and the analysis software linked to it is user friendly, but still can be further improved to fasten the data analysis. The after sales service is also very good. If we have any problem with the analysis software or the reader itself we can easily get in contact with an engineer from BMG and discuss issues. Concerning the value for money, this absorbance plate reader really performs well. To give you an idea: this absorbance plate-reader is really good for binding assay development on microplate based assays. It has very good accuracy measurements, reproducibility and resolution properties. The reading of a 384-well plate is really fast (17min for one entire 384 well plate). I really advise this plate-reader for screening."

    Application area: absorbance measurement binding assay

    8 October 2013
    • Ease of use4 out of 5
    • After sales service4 out of 5
    • Value for money4 out of 5

    4 out of 5

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