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Paul Skvarek

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    7683 ALS
    "The 7683 ALS is a well-built sampler that has performed well in our production and Quality Control laboratories. In one of our production laboratories, run close to 10000 samples per year on our GCs. The 7683 handled the injections well for the first 5 years before giving us many "turret errors". Most errors were easily corrected with gentle cleaning of the turret. Eventually, it was discovered that the "turret errors" are caused by a worn roller on the vial stripper. This part is not sold separately as it was with prior generations of samplers. My only recourse seems to be to send the sampler in for refurbishment. If every part were available for purchase I would have given it an overall rating of 5 stars."

    Application area: Paired with a 6890 GC in production and QC laboratories.

    22 May 2015
    • Ease of use5 out of 5
    • After sales service3 out of 5
    • Value for money4 out of 5

    4 out of 5

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    PS 1000/C/2 Precision Balance
    "The PS series of precision balances from Radwag offer great bang for your buck. Our PS1001C/2 model has internal calibration and a draft shield and has been a great asset in our lab. It communicates directly to our Metrohm autotitrator for automatic weight transfer and offers all of the features that much more expensive balances do at a fraction of the cost."

    Application area: Flavor & Fragrance Chemicals

    17 June 2014
    • Ease of use4 out of 5
    • After sales service5 out of 5
    • Value for money5 out of 5

    5 out of 5

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