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Johannes Lützenkirchen

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    SurPASS™ 3: A New Level of Surface Charge Analysis
    "This machine is working very well. Even on long-term it gives reliable results. We have been reproducing data for a long time. No problem. As soon as a specifically adsorbing chemical comes into the system, it can be difficult to remove it. We have had problems with injections of nano-particles or surfactants. We found them hard to remove and Anton Paar did not have a solution to that. Finally we managed to get rid of the contaminations but it costs a lot of time testing. Also using Bromide with the silver chloride electrodes was more of a problem than what Anton Paar thought. Overall this machine is very good value for the money invested. "

    Application area: Streaming Potential

    12 October 2015
    • Ease of use5 out of 5
    • After sales service5 out of 5
    • Value for money5 out of 5

    5 out of 5

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    902 Titrando – pH STAT Titrator and Synthesis Controller
    "This is a complex set-up that allows many things, but for our purpose of acid-base titrations it is over dimensioned. A simpler device is not available commercially though, because these kinds of titrations are rather uncommon. We try our best to adapt, but some things are very non-intuitive in the software. One good thing is that routines can be written to get what you want, but it takes some time to get used to that way of thinking. "

    Application area: Acid-Base Titrations

    18 February 2014
    • Ease of use3 out of 5
    • After sales service4 out of 5
    • Value for money2 out of 5

    3 out of 5

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