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Emmy Staples

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    CyBi® - Drop
    "The instrument is straight forward to use and delivers consistent results. We dispensed a low salt solution with the combs and saw some mild clogging issues. CyBIo worked with us to create a better wash / soak routine that eliminated this problem. The instrument is made up of individual components that can be shipped overnight if they break, making repairs simple and fast. "

    Application area: HTS

    15 April 2014
    • Ease of use4 out of 5
    • After sales service4 out of 5
    • Value for money4 out of 5

    4 out of 5


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    CLARIOstar® - High Performance Microplate Reader with Advanced LVF Monochromators, Spectrometer, and Filters
    "The instrument and its stackers work well for high throughput screening, allowing fast and consistent read times for microplates. FP comparisons to other readers found the ClarioStar to have higher resolution, require fewer flashes, and result in lower CVs per plate. BMG is very fast at answering any questions and worked with us on any custom requests. "
    15 April 2014
    • Ease of use5 out of 5
    • After sales service5 out of 5
    • Value for money5 out of 5

    5 out of 5


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