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Cathie Elmgren

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    Eppendorf Xplorer Plus Electronic Pipette
    "I love this latest version of the Eppendorf Xplorer pipette. It is very sophisticated and allows me to link several steps together in a user friendly program edit mode. I damaged my right elbow tendon manually mixing cells and I can program this pipette to do the work for me. I just have to hold the pipette which is easy since it is so light. Without this pipette I would not be able to work in the lab. I would highly recommend this pipette for anyone who is performing a lot of repetitive manual pipette manipulations. The electronic pipette is great for preventing RSI that becomes very common in individuals who have worked in the lab all of their lives. The cost of the pipette is minimal compared to the costs of lost work due to surgery to repair repetitive strain injuries. The pipette should be promoted by OSH committees at work."
    9 April 2013
    • Ease of use5 out of 5
    • After sales service5 out of 5
    • Value for money5 out of 5

    5 out of 5

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