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Carlo Barbera

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    Infinite® 200 NanoQuant
    "The Infinite 200 NanoQuant is a great microplate reader, extremely versatile and delivering accurate results. Unfortunately, the nucleic acid quantification is awkward: the software we bought does not allow you to simultaneously perform the 260/280 and 260/230 ratio, meaning waste of time and loss of sample. Pity. Hope they update the software."

    Application area: Microplate reader - Nucleic acid quantification

    29 June 2016
    • Ease of use4 out of 5
    • After sales service2 out of 5
    • Value for money2 out of 5

    3 out of 5

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    "A step forward in speed and simplification of qPCR workflow. Extremely sensitive method, perfectly suited for when small amounts of starting material are available. Thumbs up. "

    Application area: Less-than-One step qPCR

    5 August 2015
    • Ease of use4 out of 5
    • After sales service4 out of 5
    • Value for money4 out of 5

    4 out of 5

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