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Anton Simeonov

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    Monolith NT.115 Instruments
    "This is a low- to medium-throughput instrument to measure binding constants between two proteins or a protein and a small molecule ligand. The vendor offer two versions: label-based and label-free. Both instrument versions works really well and have consistently produced Kd values close to previously-reported ones or values that end up getting corroborated in the future through traditional calorimetry or SPR techniques. Sample consumption is low and the instrument is very stable (no software crashes or other type breakdown) and easy to use. In our lab, we have used the thermophoresis instruments for over a dozen distinct projects, with results published in almost 10 papers already."

    Application area: Microscale Thermophoresis Detection Of Binding Interactions

    12 October 2015
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    5 out of 5

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