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Agilent Technologies Introduces Focused Exome Kit with Unparalleled Coverage, Speed, Flexibility for Disease Research22 Oct 2014Read
IDT Presents Enhanced Molecular Inversion Probes for NGS Target Enrichment at AGBT Meeting4 Feb 2014Read
New Whitepaper from Oxford Gene Technology Highlights the Impact of NGS Target Enrichment Assay Choice2 Dec 2013Read
Wheat, Barley and Maize Target Enrichment Designs for Exome Sequencing Available from Roche NimbleGen21 Nov 2013Read
IDT to Present Workshop on Target Enrichment Strategies for Next Generation Sequencing at NGS 201331 Oct 2013Read
Agilent Technologies SureSelect Target Enrichment Now Available for Ion Proton Next-Generation Sequencing Systems28 Oct 2013Read
Roche Launches New Bead Based DNA Target Enrichment Reagent Kit for Next Generation Sequencing28 May 2013Read
Roche and Hamilton Introduce New Automated DNA Sample Enrichment Platform for GS Junior Sequencing Instruments28 Feb 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces SureSelect Strand-Specific RNA Library Preparation Kit for Whole Transcriptome and Targeted RNA Sequencing21 Feb 2013Read
QIAGEN Unveils Sample-to-Result Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow Designed for Clinical Research and Diagnostics21 Feb 2013Read

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Agilent HaloPlex Target Enrichment and SureCall Data Analysis: Optimized for the Ion Torrent™ PGM Sequencer19 Dec 2013Read
The Importance of Enrichment Assay Choice and Optimization for Confident Variant Detection29 Nov 2013Read
Agilent HaloPlex Target Enrichment System: Design and Analysis of Clinical Research Panels15 Nov 2013Read
Improving Sample Quality for Target Enrichment and NS with the Agilent High Sensitivity DNA Kit and the SureSelect Target Enrichment Platform23 Jul 2013Read
Agilent SureSelectXT Human Methyl-Seq for the Quantitative Analysis of DNA Methylation with Single-Base Resolution17 Jul 2013Read
Agilent HaloPlex Target Enrichment System28 Jun 2013Read
Complementing Next Generation Sequencing Technologies with Agilent’s SureSelect DNA Capture Array14 Jun 2013Read
Mutation Detection and CNV Analysis for Illumina Sequencing data from HaloPlex Target Enrichment Panels using NextGENe Software for Clinical Research29 May 2013Read
HaloPlex Target Enrichment from FFPE Tissues20 May 2013Read
Automation of Illumina TruSeq Exome Enrichment Using the Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling Platform16 May 2013Read


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Dr. Jude Fitzgibbon, Barts Cancer Institute - Part 2: Understanding the Molecular Evolution of AML28 May 2013Watch