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Gerhardt’s New HYDROTHERM to be Exhibited at Pittcon 20137 Mar 2013Read
AB SCIEX Responds to Milk Contamination Concerns with New Method to Detect Dicyandiamide11 Feb 2013Read
Bioo Scientific Offers Improved Nitrofuran Screening Kits for Food Samples8 Feb 2013Read
Bioo Scientific’s New ELISAs Increase Speed and Sensitivity of Aflatoxin M1 Analysis in Milk14 Feb 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Analysis of Mineral Content in Milk Powder5 Jan 2015Read
Milk Adulteration: Detecting Species-Specific Proteins by LC/MS28 Nov 2014Read
Profiling Mono and Disaccharides in Milk and Infant Formula Using the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System and ACQUITY QDa Detector22 Sep 2014Read
Residual Lactose in Lactose-Free Milk Using Ion Chromatography16 Sep 2014Read
Iodide, Thiocyanate, and Perchlorate in Milk Applying Inline Dialysis16 Sep 2014Read
Melamine in Food Using Cation Chromatography with UV/VIS Detection16 Sep 2014Read
Determining Protein Content in Yogurt, Using the Dumas Method3 Sep 2014Read
Food Testing: Simplify Matrix Complexity and Extend Detection Capabilities29 Aug 2014Read
Determination of Eight Estrogens in Milk by UHPLC and the Agilent 6495 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer5 Aug 2014Read
Analysis of Milk Powders Based on Chinese Standard Method using the Agilent 5100 SVDV ICP-OES5 Aug 2014Read


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