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New MultiFlo™ FX Combines Bulk Dispensing and Washing for Improved, Automated Workflows9 Oct 2013Read
Developing New Molecular Tools for the Fight Against Hospital-Associated Infections with Tecan’s Freedom EVO®17 Sep 2013Read
BioTek Features Unique Microplate Instrumentation and Applications at MipTec 201316 Sep 2013Read
New MultiFlo™ FX from BioTek Combines Bulk Dispensing and Washing for Improved, Automated Workflows10 Sep 2013Read
Porvair Sciences Release New Version of Reference Guide to Microplate Chemical Compatibility23 Jul 2013Read
Porvair Sciences Announces First North American Microplate Catalog20 May 2013Read
Porvair Sciences to Showcase Latest Microplates and Microplate Equipment at Forum LABO, European Lab Automation, ASMS and HPLC 20139 May 2013Read
Molecular Devices to exhibit at LaboTec Suisse 201329 Apr 2013Read
Porvair Sciences the Microplate Specialists to Exhibit the Latest Microplate Applications at Pittcon 201318 Jan 2013Read
Patented Verify™ Technology Automatically Checks BioTek Microplate Washer Performance9 Jan 2013Read

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High Yields of Transfected Cells with BRANDplates® cellGrade™ Premium Surface5 Dec 2014Read
Start-up Routine and Tip Washing Efficiency Data of the Active Deep Well Tip Wash Station 3842 Dec 2014Read
Optimization of Microplate Washer Performance31 Oct 2014Read
Automated Washing of ELISpot Assays Using Tecan’s HydroFlex™ Microplate Washer10 Oct 2014Read
Automated Tissue Culture Cell Fixation and Staining in Microplates17 Apr 2013Read
Sample Preparation for High-Throughput Live Cell Imaging Using Thermo Scientific Wellwash Versa23 Nov 2012Read


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AquaMax 2000 and 4000 Microplate Washers10 Nov 2014Watch  
Manual Washing Procedure with the Luminex Magnetic Plate Separator 8 Oct 2014Watch  
MultiFlo FX Microplate Dispenser Sets New Standards in Liquid Handling Workflows16 Sep 2013Watch  
Magnetic Assays Tutorial: Using the Hand Held Magnet 12 Jul 2013Watch  
Intuitive and Flexible Microplate Washing8 Mar 2012Watch  
New Intuitive Microplate Washer 22 Feb 2012Watch  
New Strip Washer Demonstration6 Apr 2010Watch