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2013 International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) Presenters to Share Emerging Rapid DNA Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing and Best Practice Forensic DNA Techniques26 Sep 2013Read
DNA Analysts Will Rediscover Richard III, Explore the $1000 Genome and More at the 2013 International Symposium on Human Identification15 Aug 2013Read
Life Technologies Offers New Rapid DNA Platform7 May 2013Read
Promega Launches GenePrint 10 System Designed for Human Cell Line Authentication and Sample Identification4 Apr 2013Read
Life Technologies Sets New Worldwide Standard for Criminal Forensic Testing with Introduction of GlobalFiler™ Kit17 Sep 2012Read
New Forensic Technologies at 2012 International Symposium on Human Identification Features13 Sep 2012Read
IntegenX and Promega Ink RapidHIT™ Human Identification System Reagent Supply Agreement5 Aug 2011Read

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Development of the PowerPlex® Fusion System10 Sep 2014Read
DNA Human Identification from Bone Fragments28 Apr 2014Read
Development of a Global STR Multiplex for Human Identification Analysis11 Sep 2013Read
High-Throughput Genetic Data Gathering from Bone Samples Recovered from an Air Crash9 Aug 2013Read
Consideration for the Evaluation of Plus Stutter for AmpFℓSTR® PCR Amplification Kits in Human Identification Laboratories6 Feb 2013Read


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