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Cellular Dynamics and Northwestern University Take First Steps Toward Rebuilding an Organ Using Manufactured Human Cells19 Nov 2014Read
Cellular Dynamics Issued U.S. Patent Covering Differentiation of iPS Cells into Endothelial, Hematopoietic Cells16 Oct 2013Read
New Collaboration Between TAP Biosystems and UCL to Develop Biomimetic 3D Cancer Models for Use in Drug Discovery4 Oct 2012Read
Cellular Dynamics Announces Commercial Launch of iCell® Endothelial Cells22 Sep 2011Read

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Detecting Human Circulating Endothelial Cells Using the Attune® Acoustic Focusing Cytometer17 Sep 2014Read
Advancements in the Use of iPS Cell-Derived Systems for In Vitro Disease Modeling and Phenotypic Screening12 Aug 2013Read
iCell® Endothelial Cells: Assaying Barrier Function22 Jul 2013Read
iCell® Endothelial Cells –Assaying Barrier Function Using xCELLigence RTCA Cardio System Application Protocol21 Jun 2013Read
iCell Endothelial Cells: Assaying Cell Proliferation24 Sep 2012Read


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Bill Murphy, UW, Discusses the Advantages of Stem Cells for Tissue Generation19 Mar 2014Watch  
Olympus FluoView® FVMPE-RS Multiphoton Imaging System: Blood Vessel Imaging9 Oct 2013Watch  
Cellular Dynamics: Capillary-like Network Formation of iCell® Endothelial Cells in PEG Hydrogel7 Aug 2013Watch