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The Acceleration of Innovative Clinical Mass Spectrometry20 Oct 2014Read
Top 10 Most Downloaded Clinical Articles in September 201410 Oct 2014Read
AB SCIEX Announces the 4500MD Series for In Vitro Diagnostic Use17 Aug 2014Read
Waters ACQUITY UPLC TQD System Receives Medical Device Approval in China7 Aug 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches LC-MS-Based Class I Medical Devices4 Aug 2014Read
LC-MS is the Technique of Choice for Clinical Labs14 Jul 2014Read
Waters and Prosolia Sign Exclusive Agreement for DESI Technology for Clinical Mass Spectrometry Applications23 Jun 2014Read
AB SCIEX Displays Diagnostic LC/MS/MS Technology at AACC 20132 Aug 2013Read

  Application Articles

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The Analysis of Common Drugs of Abuse in an Oral Fluid Matrix using a New QTRAP® Platform10 Sep 2014Read
LC-MS/MS Chiral Separation of “d” and “l” Enantiomers of Amphetamine and Methamphetamine7 May 2014Read
High Sensitivity SISCAPA-Based Peptide Quantitation Using UHPLC and the 6490 QQQ with iFunnel Technology17 Apr 2014Read


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Analyzing Footballers with Mass Spec: Exclusive WADA Anti-Doping Interview25 Nov 2014Watch  
Brand New LC-MS Based Medical Devices Debut at AACC 20147 Aug 2014Watch  
Waters Presents MS Clinical Solutions2 Aug 2013Watch  
AB Sciex Discusses MS for Clinical Labs2 Aug 2013Watch