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SAFC® Strengthens Biopharmaceutical Position With Innovations to Established CHOZN® Portfolio23 Sep 2013Read
FDA Clearance Given to Quidel’s Molecular Diagnostic Test for Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Metapneumovirus14 Mar 2013Read
CYTOO’s Adhesive Micropatterns are Cited in More than 30 Scientific Papers12 Mar 2013Read
CYTOO to Sponsor Motility Subgroup at the Biophysical Society Meeting28 Jan 2013Read
TAP Biosystems’ CompacT Automated Cell Culture System on Show at Booth 712 During SLAS 201311 Jan 2013Read
New RAFT Kit for 3D Cell Culture in Inserts Introduced on Booth 712 at SLAS201310 Jan 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Imaging of BacMam Transfected U-2 OS Cells: Optimization of Transfection Conditions Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader and Gen5™ Data Analysis Software9 Oct 2013Read
High Throughput Cell Adhesion: Screening of VLA-4 Antagonists Under Physiological Shear Flow Conditions14 May 2013Read
Analysis of Nuclear Stained Cells: Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with DAPI-Stained Cells23 Apr 2013Read
Assessing Microbial Metabolism Using A Simple ‘Mix & Measure’ Oxygen Consumption Assay25 Mar 2013Read
Using the acumen® eX3 to studying the Chemotactic Response of Neutrophils19 Feb 2013Read
An Automated Profiling Application using a Direct, Cell-Based, Target-Compound Interaction Assay for G9a Histone Methyltransferase and Bromodomain Proteins2 Feb 2013Read
Correlation of Complex Signaling Pathway Interactions with Cell Migration in a Combined Cell Migration-Phosphorylation Assay31 Jan 2013Read
Transfection Optimization Using Expression Analysis25 Jan 2013Read
Cell Cycle Analysis on Celigo21 Jan 2013Read
Measurement of Antibody Secretion from Individual Cells for Biomanufacturing18 Jan 2013Read


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The CellInsight NXT HCS System from Thermo Fisher Scientific26 Apr 2013Watch  
PHERAstar FS - The Next-Generation Multi-Mode HTS Microplate Reader from BMG Labtech27 Feb 2013Watch  
The VenaT4™ Biochip from Cellix for Chemotaxis, Transmigration and Invasion Assays22 Feb 2013Watch  
The New SpectraMax® i3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with an Imaging Cytometer Module from Molecular Devices 13 Feb 2013Watch  
The New Celigo S from Brooks Life Science Systems30 Jan 2013Watch  
Almac and TTP Labtech Form Alliance in Fluorescence Lifetime Technology30 Jan 2013Watch  
Faster Imaging with the acumen hci from TTP Labtech30 Jan 2013Watch  
New Bio-Rad S3 Cell Sorter10 Jan 2013Watch  
Co-Culture in Real Time18 Apr 2012Watch