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ForteBio Launches Octet HTX System for Accelerated Drug Development17 Sep 2013Read
Real Time Binding Analysis Made Easy with OpenPlex3 May 2013Read

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Corning® Epic® Label-Free Cell Based Assay: Development of a One-Day Assay for Adherent Cells16 Dec 2014Read
Use of Phase Contrast Imaging to Track Morphological Cellular Changes due to Apoptotic Activity with the Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Reader from BioTek13 Nov 2014Read
A Label-Free, Multi-Omic Study to Qualitatively and Quantitatively Characterize the Effects of a Glucosylceramide Inhibitor on Obesity3 Oct 2014Read
An Innovative Label-Free Cellular Systems Biology Approach to Drug Discovery9 Sep 2014Read
Cancer Research and Proteomics24 Jul 2013Read
Measuring Telomerase Activity using Label-Free Interaction Analysis30 May 2013Read
Investigation into the Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Androgen Independence Using Label-Free Data-Independent Quantitative LC-HDMSE and Pathway Analysis10 May 2013Read
Automated, Label-free Growth Tracking and Culture Management Within Flasks and Multi-well Plates28 Jan 2013Read
Rapid, Label-free, Direct Cell Counting in Measurement of Cell Proliferation for Compound Screening18 Jan 2013Read
Endogenous Receptor Evaluations: Gi- and Gs-Coupled GPCR Receptor Subtyping and Schild Analysis26 Oct 2012Read


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Epic Technology from Corning Life Sciences30 Jan 2013Watch