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Bioo Scientific Offers State-of the-Art, Full Service Analytical Food Testing27 May 2014Read
Bio-Rad Introduces New iQ-Check™ Prep System for Automated Real-Time PCR Detection of Food Pathogens2 Aug 2013Read
Life Technologies Signs Five-Year Agreement with the FDA31 Jul 2013Read
AmpliPhi Signs Global R&D Agreement with US Army to Develop Bacteriophage Therapies to Treat Resistant Bacterial Infections2 Jul 2013Read
Life Technologies Partners with Ridom and Releases SeqSphere+ Software to Speed and Simplify Bacterial Typing22 Apr 2013Read
Life Technologies & IMEGEN Develop Fast and Accurate Full Solution Horse DNA Test for Meat Products3 Apr 2013Read
AOAC Research Institute Extends PTM Approval to 3M Molecular Detection Assay Listeria for Foods3 Apr 2013Read
Bigger Capacity Autoclaves Lower Sterilization Costs3 Apr 2013Read
Prokarium Receives Grant to Develop Next Generation Vaccines11 Mar 2013Read
Luminex Receives FDA Clearance for First Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Pathogen Infectious Disease Diagnostic in the United States18 Jan 2013Read

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Eurofins’ Adaption and Optimization Software “GENEius” in Comparison to Other Optimization Algorithms21 Oct 2014Read
Use of DNA Ligation Kit, Mighty Mix for Cohesive- and Blunt- End Ligation7 Oct 2014Read
Using Orthogonal Techniques for Protein-Peptide Separation to Generate Comprehensive HDMSe Mass Spectral Libraries from an E. coli Model System5 Sep 2014Read
Targeted Proteomics with an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer29 Aug 2014Read
Purification and Immobilization of a Transaminase for the Preparation of an Enzyme Bioreactor9 May 2014Read
Characterization of Bacteria in Food Samples by Next Generation Sequencing7 May 2014Read
Purification of a Miniature Recombinant Spidroin Protein Expressed in E. coli Using AKTA™ Pure14 Apr 2014Read
Capture of an Acid-sensitive Recombinant Protein from E. coli Lysate using Mixed-Mode Chromatography14 Apr 2014Read
Direct Scale Up of Protein Separations on Pall HyperCel™ PRC Prepacked Chromatography Columns27 Mar 2014Read
Scalability of Parallel E. coli Fermentations in BioBLU® f Single-Use Bioreactors21 Feb 2014Read


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Bio-Concentrator for Microbial Testing 27 Mar 2012Watch