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Caffeine Effects on Sporting Performance – Part 1: Metabolism Studies3 Jul 2014Read
The Effect of Hydration and Nutrition on Athlete Performance9 Jun 2014Read
Corgenix Announces CE Mark Notification for TxBCardio™ Assay16 May 2014Read
Siemens and ASCP Award 173 Scholarships to Medical Laboratory Students in 201415 May 2014Read
Streck Introduces UA‐Cellular® Complete for Combined Urinalysis Control8 May 2014Read
AB SCIEX to Present ESI-MS Workshop at HPLC 201423 Apr 2014Read
New WHEATON Ramboldi™ Primary Urine Collection Tubes21 Mar 2014Read
Applied Spectral Imaging and WaveSense to Cooperate in Molecular Pathology and Cytogenetic FISH23 Apr 2013Read
Bio-Rad Launch New Bio-Plex Pro™ RBM Kidney Toxicity Panels for the Early Detection and Characterization of Kidney Toxicity and Injury During Drug Development13 Mar 2013Read
Siemens CLINITEK Status Connect Urinalysis System Delivers Wireless Connectivity and Enhanced Barcoding Capabilities25 Feb 2013Read

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Using the Agilent 7000B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS for Parts per Trillion Detection of PAH Metabolites in Human Urine8 Jan 2013Read
Fast Extraction of 10 Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs from Urine using ISOLUTE® SLE+ Columns Prior to LC-MS-MS Analysis5 Nov 2012Read
Determination of Carbohydrates in Urine by HPAE-PAD2 Oct 2012Read
Extraction of Opiates From Human Urine Using ISOLUTE® SLE+ 96-Well Plates and Columns16 Aug 2012Read
Confirmation and Quantitation of Six Opiates in Urine Using Single Quadrupole GC-MS15 Aug 2012Read
Extraction of 11-nor-9-carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannanbinol from Urine Using ISOLUTE® SLE+9 Jul 2012Read
Extraction of Acidic, Neutral and Basic Drugs from Urine using ISOLUTE® HCX Columns7 Jul 2012Read
Extraction of 22 Pain Management Drugs from Urine using ISOLUTE® SLE+ in 96-Fixed Well Plate Format Prior to LC-MS-MS5 Jul 2012Read
Direct Analysis of Fexofenadine and Pseudoephedrine in Urine5 Jul 2012Read
High-Throughput Confirmation and Quantitation of a THC Metabolite in Urine Using Single Quadrupole GC/MS21 May 2012Read


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Prof. Jeremy Nicholson Introduces the New MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre (Part 1)17 Jun 2013Watch  
High Throughput Sample Analysis at the New MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre (Part 2)16 Jun 2013Watch  
Xiril OEM for Pre-Analytical Sample Preparation2 Nov 2012Watch  
SPE of Analytes from Urine: Olympics Anti-Doping Lab30 Apr 2012Watch