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BINDER Now Offers MKF 720 Environmental Simulation Chamber with Regulated Compressed-Air Dryer31 Oct 2013Read
Memmert’s UF750plus Oven Receives Certificate of Purity8 Oct 2013Read
Scientists at University of Lancaster Using the Linkam TS1500 Heating Stage for Lava Evolution and Flow Research25 Sep 2013Read
Huber Launches Mobile Website24 Sep 2013Read
Almac Launches Reusable Shipper Option for Temperature-Controlled Distribution19 Sep 2013Read
Torrey Pines Scientific Announces New EchoTherm™ Stackable, Chilling, Programmable Incubators17 Sep 2013Read
Scientists at the University of Coruña Using the THMS600 Stage for Polymer Research11 Sep 2013Read
PolyScience Releases New Easy-to-Use Temperature Control Products for Respirometry Applications13 Aug 2013Read
Linkam Scientific Report on Scientists at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern Using the LTS420 Temperature Stage for Crystallization Studies on Semi-crystalline Polymers6 Aug 2013Read
The New NETZSCH High Temperature Coin Cell Module on Multiple Mode Calorimeter 274 Nexus6 Aug 2013Read

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The Advantages of a Compact, Thermoelectrically-Cooled Fiber Optic Spectrometer for Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy19 Sep 2014Read
The NanoRam Hand-held Raman Spectrometer: Ideally-suited for the Inspection of Raw Materials and Chemicals Used in the Pharmaceutical industry19 Sep 2014Read
Evaluation of Polyethylene Type using High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography with Triple Detection16 Sep 2014Read
Optimal Temperature Control of Reactors5 Nov 2013Read
Thermoelectric Cooling Technology: Will Peltier modules supersede the compressor?25 Mar 2013Read
The Impact of Environmental Influences on Volumetric Pipetting Accuracy of Air Displacement Gilson Pipettes1 Mar 2013Read


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CORIO Laboratory Circulators7 Apr 2014Watch  
The PentaVac from Raptor Photonics14 Jun 2013Watch  
Innovative Watercooling with Panasonics Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers24 May 2013Watch  
The Bold Line Cage Incubator from Okolab1 May 2013Watch  
Key Features of the Bold Line Top Stage Incubator from Okolab1 May 2013Watch  
Objective Heater from Okolab Eliminates Undesired Sample Cooling30 Apr 2013Watch  
Northeastern University and Waters Team Up to Provide a Novel Solution for Studying Protein Conformation30 Apr 2013Watch  
Heated Glass T Plates from Okolab26 Apr 2013Watch  
Accelerate Your Research with Thermo Scientific Microcentrifuges22 Apr 2013Watch