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New 13 Liter Refrigerated Open Tank from Polyscience25 Jul 2013Read
SUNY Binghamton Applies Linkam Temperature Stage Microscopy to the Understanding of Electronic Packaging & Reliability24 Jul 2013Read
New Compact HPLC Column Heater from Torrey Pines Scientific19 Jul 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Peltier-Cooled Incubators for Drosophila and Biochemical Oxygen Demand Research18 Jul 2013Read
New Firmware Update for Huber Temperature Control Devices Enables Recording of Process Data on USB Flash Drive17 Jul 2013Read
Motic Heating Stage: Perfect for Live Specimen Microscopy16 Jul 2013Read
Human Skin Cell Cultures are incubated at DIZG in BINDER Incubators for Clinical Use12 Jul 2013Read
New Scienceware® Secador® Refrigerator Ready Desiccator from Bel-Art28 Jun 2013Read
PolyScience Performance Programmable Circulating Baths Deliver Ultra-Precise, Highly Customizable Performance27 Jun 2013Read
Flexible Gas Pressure Reactors from Asynt25 Jun 2013Read

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Evaluation of Polyethylene Type using High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography with Triple Detection16 Sep 2014Read
Optimal Temperature Control of Reactors5 Nov 2013Read
Thermoelectric Cooling Technology: Will Peltier modules supersede the compressor?25 Mar 2013Read
The Impact of Environmental Influences on Volumetric Pipetting Accuracy of Air Displacement Gilson Pipettes1 Mar 2013Read


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Velp Digital Hot Plate Stirrers: AREX Digital & AREX Digital PRO1 Aug 2014Watch  
CORIO Laboratory Circulators7 Apr 2014Watch  
The PentaVac from Raptor Photonics14 Jun 2013Watch  
Innovative Watercooling with Panasonics Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers24 May 2013Watch  
The Bold Line Cage Incubator from Okolab1 May 2013Watch  
Key Features of the Bold Line Top Stage Incubator from Okolab1 May 2013Watch  
Objective Heater from Okolab Eliminates Undesired Sample Cooling30 Apr 2013Watch  
Northeastern University and Waters Team Up to Provide a Novel Solution for Studying Protein Conformation30 Apr 2013Watch  
Heated Glass T Plates from Okolab26 Apr 2013Watch  
Accelerate Your Research with Thermo Scientific Microcentrifuges22 Apr 2013Watch