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Festo Features the EXCM Mini H-Gantry Advanced Handling System at SLAS201513 Feb 2015Read
Hamilton Robotics Introduces Workflow Application Solutions12 Feb 2015Read
New Technologies Address Evolving Laboratory Automation Needs12 Feb 2015Read
SelectScience Announces MyPharmaVote Winner at SLAS 201511 Feb 2015Read
Automated Incubator Can Now Be Monitored, Controlled from Virtually Anywhere10 Feb 2015Read
New Four-Axis SCARA-Type Robot Uses Vision to Maintain Precision, Streamline Teaching10 Feb 2015Read
New Multimode Microplate Reader Delivers Automation, Simplicity and Versatility for Microplate Assays10 Feb 2015Read
Beckman Coulter at SLAS2015: Workshops and Interactive Biomek Explorer30 Jan 2015Read
Don’t Miss the SelectScience #MyPharmaVote at SLAS 2015!29 Jan 2015Read
Pall Laboratory: Clear Choice, Clear Options in Filtration22 Jan 2015Read

  Application Articles

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Utilizing High Throughput Flow to Screen for Differential Sensitivity of Primary Cells to Immunosuppressive Compounds5 Mar 2015Read
Characterization of GPCR’s Signaling Signature Using the Novel Biosensor Platform, BioSens-All™13 Feb 2015Read
Discovery of the First Small Molecule IL-17A Blockers21 Jan 2014Read


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Dr Raymond Price, DiscoverRx, Discusses Technology Transfer Trends at SLAS25 Feb 2015Watch  
Dr Sitta Sittampalam Reveals New Stem Cell Technologies in Drug Discovery25 Feb 2015Watch  
SLAS2015 Overview25 Feb 2015Watch  
Advanced Cellular Imaging with Cytation™ 5 from BioTek24 Feb 2015Watch  
Pall Presents Filtration and Sample Prep Technologies for Lab Automation24 Feb 2015Watch  
PerkinElmer’s Phenotypic Screening Solutions for Higher Physiological Relevance24 Feb 2015Watch  
Labcyte Presented with MyPharmaVote Award at SLAS201516 Feb 2015Watch  
SLAS2014 Overview Video3 Feb 2014Watch  
Rapid Cell Quantification Using High Content Cell Analysis 28 Jan 2014Watch  
Tailored 3D Cell Culture Services from amsbio30 Jan 2013Watch