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Hamilton’s Microlab 300 Redefines Hand-Held Pipetting13 Jan 2013Read
TAP Biosystems’ CompacT Automated Cell Culture System on Show at Booth 712 During SLAS 201311 Jan 2013Read
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Features Genomic, Cellular Solutions at SLAS201310 Jan 2013Read
New RAFT Kit for 3D Cell Culture in Inserts Introduced on Booth 712 at SLAS201310 Jan 2013Read
Integra’s New Handheld 384-Channel Pipetting System for Increased Sample Throughput9 Jan 2013Read
Trinean Launches the Xpose - A New Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer8 Jan 2013Read
Festo to Showcase Advanced Lab Automation Solutions at SLAS20138 Jan 2013Read
Precise Nanoliter Microplate Dispenser on Show at SLAS20138 Jan 2013Read
Artel Simplifies the Verification of Low-Volume DMSO Dispenses8 Jan 2013Read
CYTOO’s 2D+ Technology and Applications in the Limelight at SLAS20137 Jan 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Discovery of the First Small Molecule IL-17A Blockers21 Jan 2014Read


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SLAS2014 Overview Video3 Feb 2014Watch  
Rapid Cell Quantification Using High Content Cell Analysis 28 Jan 2014Watch  
Tailored 3D Cell Culture Services from amsbio30 Jan 2013Watch  
DMSO-based Sample Solutions from Artel for Low Volume Dispensing Verification30 Jan 2013Watch  
Product Review: MVS Multichannel Verification System from Artel30 Jan 2013Watch  
ViBE Protein Analysis Platform from BioScale30 Jan 2013Watch  
The New Celigo S from Brooks Life Science Systems30 Jan 2013Watch  
AnIML Data Standard from BSSN Software30 Jan 2013Watch  
Bioprocess Manager from BSSN Software30 Jan 2013Watch  
Epic Technology from Corning Life Sciences30 Jan 2013Watch