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Source BioScience Launches new Overnight Service for DNA Sequencing for Scotland17 Jun 2013Read
Pacific Biosciences and Sage Science Announce Co-Marketing Partnership10 Jun 2013Read
GATC Biotech Offers World´s Fastest Exome Sequencing Service7 Jun 2013Read
DNAnexus Launches Developer Program, Creating App Incubator for Genomic Data Analysis5 Jun 2013Read
Eurofins MWG Operon Extends its Gene Synthesis Business with the Acquisition of Entelechon4 Jun 2013Read
OGT Expands NGS Offering with Targeted Familial Sequencing and Analysis30 Apr 2013Read
GATC Biotech Presents the Worldwide First Trio of Accredited Next Generation Sequencing Platforms Under One Roof23 Apr 2013Read
Athena Diagnostics Announces New Genetic Testing Services for Rare Neurological Disorders19 Mar 2013Read
Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer Choose DNASTAR Software for Sequence Assembly and Analysis13 Mar 2013Read
Eurofins MWG Operon Launches SmartSeq – An Innovative DNA Sequencing Solution For Premixed Samples12 Mar 2013Read

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16S Metagenomics Studies with the MiSeq® System12 Nov 2014Read
Comparison of PCR Kleen™Spin Columns to Traditional Methods for Purification of PCR Products Prior to Sequencing30 Sep 2014Read
Nomenclature of Cystic Fibrosis Sequence Variants in Luminex xTAG® Cystic Fibrosis Kits11 Sep 2014Read
Verification of Terminal Sequences by Edmass Top-Down Sequencing of Intact Proteins using the Autoflex Speed3 Sep 2014Read
Agilent HaloPlex Target Enrichment and SureCall Data Analysis: Optimized for the Ion Torrent™ PGM Sequencer19 Dec 2013Read
Agilent’s Microarray Platform: How High-Fidelity DNA Synthesis Maximizes the Dynamic Range of Gene Expression Measurements31 Jul 2013Read
Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer Provides Full Flexibility to Sequence Genes of Your Choice31 Jul 2013Read
Screening Cancer Genes Using NimbleGen Sequence Capture Arrays and the GS Junior Sequencing System29 Jul 2013Read
Screening Cancer Genes Using NimbleGen Sequence Capture Arrays and the GS Junior Sequencing System29 Jul 2013Read
Optimizing FFPE DNA Preparation for use in SureSelectXT225 Jul 2013Read


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Learn How to Use SeqMan Pro for All Your Sequence Editing Needs 12 Feb 2014Watch  
Ion Torrent - Semiconductor Chip Based Sequencing from Life Technologies23 Aug 2013Watch  
DNASTAR: Primer Design Software12 Aug 2013Watch  
Getting Started with DNASTAR’s Lasergene® MegAlign Pro™29 Jul 2013Watch  
SeqNinja: 3 Useful Functions for Large Data Sets 17 Jul 2013Watch  
Cancer Research Using the nCounter Analysis System from NanoString 15 Jul 2013Watch  
Introduction to the ExoSAP-IT for PCR Product Clean-Up8 Jul 2013Watch  
DNASTAR Sanger Sequence Assembly1 Jul 2013Watch  
Exploring Copy Number Variation (CNV) with DNASTAR’s ArrayStar SeqMan NGen Software25 Jun 2013Watch  
Introducing DNASTAR’s Lasergene 1110 Jun 2013Watch