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Analytik Jena Showcases New Product Lines at Biotechnica9 Oct 2013Read
Mettler Toledo Launches New Analytical Balance Line3 Oct 2013Read
Dolomite’s Productizing Science Competition 2013 Offers Scientists a Chance to Turn Microfluidic Innovations into Successful Products2 Oct 2013Read
Porvair Sciences Announces Microlute SPE Sample Preparation Starter Kit24 Sep 2013Read
Simplified Sample Preparation with the New 3-in-1 Box from Netzsch20 Sep 2013Read
Porvair Launches New 2ml Deep Well Plate28 Aug 2013Read
New Eppendorf Tube 5.0 mL System Fills the Volume Gap in Sample Preparation and Storage14 Aug 2013Read
Quantachrome Instruments Releases the XeriPrep™ Sample Preparation Degasser2 Aug 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Enhances Sample-Prep Workbench for Consistent Precision and Safety11 Jul 2013Read
Whitehouse Scientific Sieve Aperture Size Calculator Now on Flash Drive4 Jul 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Sample Division as a Basis for Modern Analytical Methods21 Nov 2013Read
Applications of the New Eppendorf 5.0 mL system14 Nov 2013Read
Automation of CE-SDS Sample Preparation for PA 800 plus IgG Purity/Heterogeneity Assays Using a Biomek 4000 Automation Workstation11 Nov 2013Read
Use of Accelerated Solvent Extraction to Improve Laboratory Workflow14 Oct 2013Read
Use of Accelerated Solvent Extraction with In-Cell Cleanup to Eliminate Sample Cleanup during Sample Preparation2 Oct 2013Read
Solutions for Efficient Sample Management and Biobanking4 Aug 2013Read
The Art of Milling10 Jul 2013Read
Toxic Analyses of Biological Samples: Cryogenic Grinding Facilitates the Preparation of Animal Samples8 Mar 2013Read
Scented Toys - Analyzing Allergenic Substances9 Nov 2012Read


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New Automated Electrically Operated Plate Handling Series29 Jan 2014Watch  
New Automated Liquid Handling Robot for Microplate Sample Preparation29 Jan 2014Watch  
Automated, Compact and Versatile NGS Sample Preparation28 Jan 2014Watch  
Efficient Sample Dissociation with gentleMACS Tubes from Miltenyi Biotec25 Nov 2013Watch  
The Speedwave® Microwave Digestion System from Berghof19 Aug 2013Watch  
BioDot CellWriter™ 480 STS Sample Dropping and Probe Dispensing System2 Aug 2013Watch  
The Allegra 3L General Purpose Centrifuge Line from Beckman Coulter21 Jun 2013Watch  
BLAUBRAND® Volumetric Flasks with PUR Coating from BRAND24 May 2013Watch  
The Diagenode Biorupter® Sonicator in Action24 May 2013Watch  
Accelerate Your Research with Thermo Scientific Microcentrifuges22 Apr 2013Watch

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