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SI Analytics Family Line of Titrators Cover All Your Titration Needs11 Feb 2013Read
UHPLC System Designed to Enhance Many Biopharmaceutical Applications30 Jan 2013Read
PerkinElmer Expands Reagent Portfolio to Accelerate Biotherapeutics Drug Development12 Dec 2012Read
New CFX Qualification Plates from Bio-Rad for PCR Performance Verification6 Dec 2012Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Highly Sensitive Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors12 Nov 2012Read
MOCON Increases Oxygen Permeation Testing Throughput for Packages with New Rack-6 Conditioning System12 Nov 2012Read
Extracellular Matrix Combinatorial Library Launched30 Oct 2012Read
Faster Analysis Times for Pharma Raw Materials22 Oct 2012Read
Automated Determination of Halogens and Sulfur in Solid and Liquid Samples Using Combustion IC18 Oct 2012Read
New Molecular Diagnostic Standards Launched by Phthisis Diagnostics12 Oct 2012Read

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Growth and Morphological Profiling of 3D Microtissues with the Cell3iMager8 Jul 2014Read
Intelligent Quality Control (iQC) on the Piccolo xpress™ Point-of-Care Chemistry Analyzer10 Jun 2014Read
A Generic UHPLC/UV/MS Method for Cleaning Verification of Highly Potent Drugs3 Jun 2014Read
NEW Certified SiliaPrep™ C18 and Clean Series: Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridges for Low-Level GC and LC Analyses16 May 2014Read
Azithromycin Analysis by HPLC14 May 2014Read
Quality Control for SureSelect Strand-Specific RNA Library Preparation Using the Agilent 22007 May 2014Read
Quality Assurance by NMR in Compound Management28 Apr 2014Read
The Use of Multivariant Analysis for Early Detection of Potential Food or Beverage Adulterations24 Apr 2014Read
Soluble Fraction Analysis in Polypropylene for Quality Control Laboratories15 Jan 2014Read
Fast Online SPE Purification of Stevia Plant Extracts9 Nov 2013Read


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Modern Cleanliness Analysis for Your Quality Assurance by Leica Microsystems20 May 2014Watch  
Material Testing with the Leica DM2700 M20 May 2014Watch  
ELGA LabWater Announces PURELAB® Chorus Range for Ultrapure Water14 Mar 2014Watch  
Analytical Quality Assurance with the Merck Millipore Spectroquant® System11 Feb 2014Watch  
Scientific Challenges for Major Oil Companies: Livio Garcia Da Costa, Petrobras28 Oct 2013Watch  
Environmental Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Software from EMD Millipore Lab Water 25 Mar 2013Watch  
The Horiba Xplora: Combining Confocal Microscopy and Raman Chemical Analysis1 Mar 2013Watch  
A New Line of High Performance DSC Solutions19 Oct 2012Watch  
Quality Management Solutions for your Clinical Laboratory22 Dec 2011Watch