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Sensors in Medicine 20149 Mar 2014Read
Siemens Awarded New Blood Gas Solutions Agreement from Novation7 Mar 2014Read
Trinity Biotech Gains European Approval for the Meritas® Troponin I (TnI) Point-of-Care Test11 Feb 2014Read
FFEI-Led Consortium Presents BiognostiX Proof of Principle at UK Healthtech Conference7 Feb 2014Read
Atlas Completes Development of io™ Reader, a POC Device for Rapid Detection of Infectious Diseases20 Jan 2014Read
EKF Diagnostics’ Quo-Lab HbA1c Analyzer Secures IFCC Certification10 Jan 2014Read
EKF Diagnostics Exhibits New POC Testing Technology at Arab Health8 Jan 2014Read
EKF Launches POC Lactate Analyzer with Hematocrit Compensation21 Nov 2013Read
Trinity Biotech to Enter Cardiac Diagnostics with Novel Guideline-Compliant Point-of-Care System at MEDICA 201319 Nov 2013Read
EKF Diagnostics to Premier Novel Diagnostic Tests at Medica 20138 Nov 2013Read

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Why is RVF Technology More Valuable?20 Aug 2014Read
Intelligent Quality Control (iQC) on the Piccolo xpress™ Point-of-Care Chemistry Analyzer10 Jun 2014Read
Point-of-Care-Testing Facilitates the Treatment of Diabetes25 Mar 2013Read
Adaptation of 3DNA Dendrimers to Point of Care Assays27 Jul 2012Read
Siemens Partnership for Better Pregnancy and Blood Gas Testing27 Jan 2012Read


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How to Establish and Maintain a Healthy Point-of-Care Ecosystem6 Aug 2014Watch  
MedMira Point-of-Care Rapid Testing Solutions10 Apr 2014Watch  
Innovative Problem Solving with Stan Stearns from VICI17 Mar 2014Watch  
Landmark Troponin Assay to Give Results at the Point-of-Care27 Nov 2013Watch  
World’s First Point-of-Care Device for Myeloma27 Nov 2013Watch  
EKF Premiers Novel Point-of-Care Products at MEDICA27 Nov 2013Watch  
The Selectra Pro M series from ELItech19 Jun 2013Watch  
MioCARE - A Tablet Device Designed for Healthcare Professionals27 Nov 2012Watch  
MEDICA 2012 Show Overview27 Nov 2012Watch